Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Can Wheatgrass Prevent Diabetes?

Wheatgrass Diabetes Prevention
Wheatgrass image by thebittenword.

Wheatgrass Health Benefit 2: Wheatgrass Diabetes Prevention

Can this humble herb really prevent diabetes? Well there is no proof that wheatgrass has a direct effect on diabetes, but it may prevent it indirectly. To understand how wheatgrass may prevent diabetes, you must first understand the disease itself.

Keep in mind that we're talking Type 2 Diabetes here, as Type 1 is genetic and cannot be prevented currently (but maybe with future gene therapy?). Type 2 occurs when your body begins producing less insulin and becomes resistant to the insulin that it has, the best way to prevent this disease is through proper diet and exercise. Wheatgrass can help with the first part.

How does wheatgrass prevent diabetes?

Now as we all know, wheatgrass is one of the most nutritional (and low fat) foods available. If one simply substitutes a sugary soda or fatty snack with a glass of refreshing wheatgrass juice then 100's of calories and saturated fat is avoided! Fat impairs the function of insulin and wheatgrass can help you avoid it.

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