Monday, May 25, 2009

Can Wheatgrass Improve My Digestive System?

Wheatgrass Health Benefit 1: Wheatgrass Digestive System Improvement

"So are the rumors true? Can wheatgrass juice really improve my digestive system?"

Though these claims are scientifically unverified, all signs point to a resounding yes. Wheatgrass really does help out your gastrointestinal system. But how? Well it is thought that wheatgrass helps the digestive system keep the pH of the intestines in check. You see, your small intestine must be slightly basic to counteract the acidic stomach juices, and sometimes this ratio gets out of line. Wheatgrass works as a buffer to help your intestine stay a little above pH 7 and keeps things running smoothly. Too drastic of a pH difference will kill the "good bacteria" living in your intestines and affect your digestion negatively!

Remember, it's not scientifically verified that wheatgrass can help, but hey what's the harm in trying?

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