Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Wheatgrass Diet

Wheatgrass Health Benefits 4: Losing Weight With Wheatgrass

In the past it has been suggested that just one ounce of wheatgrass is equivalent to over two pounds of other vegetables nutritionally. This may not be true, but wheatgrass is more nutritional than most vegetables on average. For example, dried wheatgrass contains vitamin B12, a vitamin not found in any other fruits or vegetable. This might just mean that wheatgrass should be a staple in any vegetarian's diet!

When dieting with wheatgrass juice, it is recommended that you drink at least one glass a day. One with every meal is preferable. Like any other diet, the wheatgrass diest requires that you limit your caloric consumption (if you aren't incredibily physically active that is). Wheatgrass juice is a healthy alternative to sugary sodas and other carb-rich beverages, so try the wheatgrass diet today!


  1. I used to think that green tea is one of the best diet herb. Your article proves me wrong. I will surely be stuck here in your blog reading all about wheat diet. Thanks man.

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  3. Nice article. Here are more benefits of wheatgrass.